Positive Discipline

This class is for parents with young toddlers or soon to be! Parenting and disciplining your baby who is now, walking and talking can be very overwhelming. They are big emotions in little bodies. If you want to take a holistic and child centered approach to early discipline this class is for you! The toddler years don’t have to be stressful as your baby grows in independence. In this class you will learn how to foster your child’s growing autonomy while at the same time creating safe and consistent boundaries.

Topics include:

  • Understanding toddlers emotionally and developmentally
  • Yes parenting and why it works
  • The difference between discipline and punishment
  • Why tantrums occur and how to handle them 
  • Creating structure and routines that stick
  • What to do about biting and hitting
  • How to make smoother transitions from one activity to the next

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